2. Product Overview

In this section, provide a general description of the product, its purpose, and functionality. Explain how this product fits in to the overall corporate product strategy. Include architectural diagrams, if appropriate.

Product Technology Overview

Provide a description of the technology and innovation found in the product. Also describe the technologies that will be employed in producing the product.

Product Requirements

In this section, describe the features and functions required for the product. This section lists what the product does and reflects what the user sees or how they interact with the product.

Specific functional requirements

In the table below, replace the sample text with a list of the product features and functions. Each product requirement should link to a market requirement listed in the MRD.

Product Identifier
Marketing Identifier 

Performance Product Requirements

List the quantitative and qualitative demands placed by the user on the product. These requirements reflect the need for certain levels of speed, usability, capacity, and scalability. (See the MRD for other performance requirements.)

Development and Customer Commitment Requirements

Provide a list of the engineering demands placed by the user on the solution. These requirements constitute the solution’s development environment. For example, for a software product, these engineering demand include the development tools and API sets. Also include in this section any commitments made to existing customers for specific features included in this release.

Compatibility Requirements

Provide a list of the conformance demands placed by the user on the solution. These can be conditions that support the solution and constitute the environment in which the solution will operate. For example, for a software product, conformance demands can include operating system platforms, GUI interfaces, and supported standards.

Physical Requirements

If applicable, provide a list of market requirements that detail the solution’s desired physical attributes, such as size, weight, color, dimensions, and construction materials.

Support and Training Requirements

List the requirements that are based on implications that affect the need for user support and training structures because of the solution.

Pricing and License Requirements

Identify pricing and license requirements that support the requirements listed in the MRD.

Miscellaneous Product Requirements

List all requirements not covered in other sections.

Product Requirements Summary Prioritization Table

In the table below, list the prioritized requirements, as recommended by the product team. This table can act as a quick reference guide to the full product requirements data.